La Flamme Rouge: a new editor of routes and races

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La Flamme Rouge: a new editor of routes and races

Mensaje por Andrepg el Dom 3 Jul - 13:00

We open this topic in order to present our project, namely the website
The creators are emmea90 and me, with the support of Cycling Manager Italia.

We programmed an editor for cycling track, which allows the users to provide some style and personalization thanks to the main altimetry style of major races. It might seem a little bit involved and slow at the beginning but we ensure you, that once you get used to the “machinery”, you will be able to appreciate the huge amount of possibilities we are offering. The editor is also liked to a virtual archive of many cobbled section to help you design your own races in the Hell of the North. Further infos and the editor itself are available following this link:

Here there are some examples of personalized track.

Giro style:

TdF style:

Vuelta style:

The forum gives you the possibility to take a chance and participate to the many contests the staff organizes, to see who is the best stage designer. This is as well a possibility to become a better stagemaker, plus you get the chance to deal with some of the difficulties of the race manager in real life. The forum provides a showroom as well, where you can present your masterpieces. It is an international forum so the official language is English, but there are also specific topics where you can write in your native language.
Other examples of altimetry:

Retrò style:

Paris-Roubaix style:

Giro (ASO) style:

Dauphiné style, with the addition of gradients of climbs (ASO style):

This month you can partecipate to our contest about Tour de France. Who will win? Contests section

This summer we are working on a climbs map and on a relative archive. With the combination of the editor, we think that this feauture will be a very powerful tools for everyone.
A small preview from the private work:

All we can do is to invite you to come and join us in tracking some stages, so that you can get a direct idea of what is going on there. The project is no longer in its beta-phase, and there are more than 50000 created stages. Furthermore, there are many ideas we wish to realize in the future, and this might involve as well the contribution of users. If you wish you can support our social media accounts: Facebook and Twitter

Do not hesitate to ask if you need something and have fun with our editor!

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