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Mensaje por guifiti123 el Lun 1 Abr - 18:03

The subscription for the 2019 PCM World Cup hosted by Pcm Village are now open. The competition will take place between Monday 15th April and Sunday 19th May for the solo competition and until Sunday 2nd June for team.
To subscribe you will have to answer this form : https://forms.gle/HjQtMvnaN2sAYPFN7
and join the official discord server of the competition :
https://discord.gg/fWTwxAR. You will find every information
regarding the competition on the PCM Village forum :

I hope you will be a lot to join us to compete for the title of World Champion ! You have until the saturday 13th April 00.00 CET to subscribe, any subscribtion submitted after this date will be automaticcaly put for the 2nd chances.


Campeón del Mundo de Team - Classics Road - Barcelona 155ers

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3er puesto de los CN España 2018 - Eliminación

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